Abottsford Ontario Canada Ophthalmologist Dr. Zacharia Tadrous specializes in Cataract & Glaucoma Treatment & Surgery
Educational Background

Dr. Tadrous received his doctorate in medicine degree and completed his Fellowship in Ophthalmology at Ain Shams University, Cairo.  He then trained at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK where he received his British fellowships (FRCSEd, FRCSGlasg, DRCOphth).  He has since completed  residency training at the University of Western Ontario and received his Canadian Fellowship. Dr. Tadrous was awarded meritorious scholarship for each year of medical education. 


Dr. Tadrous has been a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon for over 20 years, practicing in different countries as Egypt, United Kingdom, Bermuda and Canada. Dr. Tadrous has performed thousands of Cataract and others intra-ocular procedures. He has a special interest in Cataract, Glaucoma and Medical Retina.